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Cre8ive Solutions’ writers wear many ‘hats’.

As copywriters, we’ve written persuasive SEO content for dozens of websites. But, careers in the media, government and corporate communications, and in preparing sensitive Indigenous documents, means we’re also specialists in:

–  Writing media releases, news, feature articles, and blogs.

–  Editing, rewriting or proofreading documents of any type.

–  Tender and grant writing.

–  Creating Indigenous strategy, policy and inclusion documents.

–  Developing video and podcast scripts and treatments.


why we’re passionate about plain language writing

Our writers are advocates of Plain Language, whether we’re writing a website page, or a government or corporate document for an Indigenous audience. We are long-term members of PLAIN, the international association of writers dedicated to promoting clearer communications.

Plain Language is about choosing simpler words and using them in concise sentences to convey your key messages so the majority of your readers ‘get it’  the first time. If the message, word use, sentence structure, and design are clear, your readers will:

–  Find what they need more easily                                                         

–  Understand what they read, and

–  Be able to act on the information

In our increasingly diverse, multicultural society, using Plain Language is simply a more inclusive – and effective – way of communicating your message.

Cre8ive Solutions has offices in Sydney and the Upper Hunter town of Muswellbrook. We supply SEO copywriting, writing and editing services to government departments, corporate clients, not-for-profit organisations, and small business owners across Australia.

To complement our copywriting, creative writing and editing, Cre8ive Solutions also offers a suite of marketing services, including graphic design,  brand development, website development, and one-stop printing and signage design and project management.

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read more about us and see examples of our work
our copywriting keeps everyone happy

The copywriter’s job is to convince your potential clients that you have the product or service they’re looking for, then ‘sell’ them on the benefits of buying from you instead of one of your competitors. Adding a compelling ‘call to action’ persuades them to take that important final step: reach for their bank card or pick up the phone to get more details.

However, to get search engines like Google to notice your website and position it prominently before ‘window shoppers’, your copy needs search engine optimisation or SEO.  Optimising a website is an ongoing process, but the first step is to identify the specific keywords and phrases people use when they search online for your particular product or service.

Think of SEO as rocket fuel for your website. Without SEO, your brand will struggle to get off the ground; With SEO it can soar. With dozens of websites under our belt, we know how to weave SEO seamlessly into your website’s content and structure without losing readability.

Contact Cre8ive Solutions for a free, no-obligation chat with a SEO copywriter about creating the content for your online or printing project – whether it’s a website, advertisement, brochure, blog, newsletter or marketing collateral.

We can also help you achieve professional consistency across your brand with a new logo and artwork that anchors your corporate documents, printed and digital sales materials, stationery, signage, and corporate uniforms.

Some examples of our SEO copywriting:
  • SEO copywriting ‘sold’ a luxury coastal resort
  • SEO copywriting ‘sold’ a luxury coastal resort

    Mobys Beachside Retreat is an enviro-sensitive resort at Pacific Palms on the lower Mid-North Coast of NSW.
    To produce the SEO copywriting for their website, we worked directly with the resort’s managers Chris and Robyn Lemon to identify the property’s key selling points: Its close proximity to Sydney and Newcastle, its beachside setting, secluded accommodation units, and award-winning café-restaurant and function facilities. Pacific Palms’ abundant natural beauty was another great selling point.
    Cre8ive Solutions’ senior copywriter Laurie Sullivan pitched Mobys as an ideal, close-to-the-city weekend escape and holiday or function venue for families, couples or corporate groups, focusing on the resort’s seaside setting, relaxed atmosphere and no-need-to-go-anywhere-else list of amenities. He also rewrote the Guest Information booklet to make it more user-friendly.
    Chris and Robyn were delighted with the results:

    “Laurie was very approachable. He listened to our ideas and had a lot of excellent advice for us too. We were delighted with his SEO content for our website.”

    – Chris and Robyn Lemon, Mobys Beachside Retreat, Pacific Palms, NSW.


    transforming content from ordinary to extraordinary

    Dull copy, misspelled words, poor grammar all reflect badly on your brand.

    Cre8ive Solutions can transform your company documents, website or marketing material through copy editing (correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation) or substantive editing (rewriting the copy). We will:

    –  Focus the copy and structure the content logically

    –  Ensure the language is right for your audience

    –  Write snappy headings and captions

    –  Proofread the copy

    By proofreading your marketing or corporate documents, Cre8ive Solutions will eliminate annoying errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation. We’ll also ensure that the language and formatting are consistent with your company or organisation’s style guide, and right for the target audience.

    And, if your aim is to sell products or services online, we can add SEO to the copy so your website gets noticed by Google and other search engines.

    Contact us today to discuss your editing project or to find out more about our other services. We can also help you with website development, graphic design, and printing and signage management services.

    We write for readers and editors

    Producing media releases, blogs and articles are all effective ways to demonstrate your knowledge, capability and experience to people who know you (your colleagues and peers) and people who don’t (potential clients). Posting quality content online also boosts your website’s ranking, because search engines like Google love fresh, relevant content.

    But, to avoid being ‘binned’ the copy needs to be well-written. We will identify your audience and craft your message so it connects with the people you want to reach, whether through traditional print and electronic media, industry websites or publications, or online article databases. (We typically contact the editors of publications we target so we can pitch storylines and tailor our copy to their specific requirements and deadlines.)

    Contact Cre8ive Solutions for a no-obligation chat about your project and learn more about our other services – website design and development, graphic design, and printing and signage management services.

    Here are some media releases, articles or blogs
  • CASE STUDY: Selling the good oil on olives
  • CASE STUDY: Selling the good oil on olives

    The Olive Wellness Institute is a peer-reviewed repository of scientifically proven data on the nutritional, health and wellness benefits of olives and olive products – particularly Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). The OWI’s website was created in early 2018 to provide medical professionals and the public with a trustworthy and credible source of information on the topic.

    THE BRIEF: VIVA! Communications was engaged to handle the website’s launch, but needed a quick turn-around on an 800-word Media Release targeting the medical media. Knowing of our background in technical writing, particularly in healthcare, VIVA! approached us to complete the rush job.

    OUR CRE8IVE SOLUTION: Just how well the new OWI website would be received hinged on convincing a sceptical audience – Australia’s medical writers and editors. Cre8ive Solutions’ copywriter, Laurie Sullivan interviewed two respected health professionals – Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos, the Head of the School of Allied Health at Melbourne’s La Trobe University, and Professor Avni Sali AM, founding Director of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine at Swinburne University. Both are vocal advocates of the Mediterranean Diet and have conducted extensive research over many years on its health-giving and anti-ageing benefits. The Media Release was underpinned by supporting quotes from the two doctors, as well as referencing a lenghty list of peer-reviewed studies to support their claims that EVOO protects against cancer, high blood pressure and a host of age-related diseases, including cardiovascular, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

    THE OUTCOME: The doctors’ passionate support for the OWI, backed by peer-reviewed medical data, meant the Media Release was well received by the medical media. The website’s launch receive positive publicity when it was announced in print, and on numerous electronic and digital medical media platforms. Doctors could feel confident in recommending EVOO and the Mediterranian Diet to their patients.

    Visit the OWI website.



    the winning formula for tenders and grants

    Writing winning tenders or grants requires expert writing skills from a specialist who understands precisely what information assessment panels want and how to present it.

    Fail to demonstrate the unique benefits of your products or service with clear, concise writing and your submission won’t make it past the first cull: you’ll have wasted hours and hours of hard work.

    So, if you’re serious about winning tenders and grants, make Cre8ive Solutions’ tender and grant writing specialists part of your bid team.

    Cre8ive Solutions’ experts combine many years of experience in these two specialist writing fields. As well as delivering scores of successful tenders and grants for government departments, universities, NFPs, NGOs and private companies, they’ve sat on government panels to tender and grant submissions. They know EXACTLY what’s required to make your bid or submissiions stand out.

    Like to discuss your project? Contact us today.

    make us your tender or grant writing partner

    Cre8ive Solutions can provide a little help… or a lot. We can prepare your tender or grant submission from scratch, or simply offer constructive, expert feedback on your work. Our consultants can also assess your suitability for a project and chances of success, so you don’t waste your time and resources.

    When you engage us, your Cre8ive Solutions tender or grant writer will work with you to:

    – understand your business or organisation

    – focus on your strengths

    – identifying your best response strategy

    – developing the key messages

    Your submission will be clear, compelling and focused on the benefits of choosing you rather than a rival.

    Tender and grant writing with a cultural focus

    As an Indigenous-owned and operated business, Cre8ive Solutions will also address any potential cultural issues, should your tender or grant project involve or effect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

    If you are looking to submit a tender for a project or apply for a grant, contact Cre8ive Solutions today. And find out more our supporting services, including professional writing and editing, website development, graphic design, printing/signage design and production and more.


    Effective policy with cultural credibility

    Policies guide an organisation in its day-to-day decision making. Creating good policies and procedures often involves identifying and meeting the needs of a variety of audiences, including migrants and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

    An Indigenous team, Cre8ive Solutions researches and prepares policy and procedural documents in a culturally sensitive, plain language style. Our documents are clear, concise and unambiguous, making the information easy for the majority of readers to understand.

    Cre8ive Solutions can:

    –  Research and write new policy through a cultural lens and integrate it into your existing guidelines.

    –  Update your current policies, processes and procedures, so they’re clearer and easier to understand and use.

    By combining high-level communication skills and a deep understanding of Indigenous and multi-cultural Australia, our consultants produce effective policies and procedures, supported by expert advice and practical support.

    If you need help to develop policies and procedures, contact Cre8ive Solutions. We can also assist you with website design and content, graphic design, and printing and signage management services.

    Some strategic policy case studies
  • CASE STUDY: Helping a Govt department grow its Indigenous workforce
  • CASE STUDY: Helping a Govt department grow its Indigenous workforce

    THE BRIEF: To take the lead in designing and developing an Indigenous education program and outreach engagement activities for a Federal government department and to align them with the department’s education and employment priorities, particularly its goal of attracting future talent. Historically, the department’s outreach activities had targeted tertiary students. While this demographic remained essential to the meeting its future workforce requirements, the department’s outreach activities also needed to focus on Indigenous students at primary and secondary school levels to help realise Australia’s future social and technological priorities. Enhancing its cultural capability was also seen to be essential in achieving the Department’s Indigenous Engagement Strategy imperatives.

    THE APPROACH: The project team recommended that the Department participate in the GARMA Festival – Youth Forum, which is held annually in the Northern Territory. A major event on the Indigenous calendar, GARMA brings together a large number of students – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous – from around Australia to develop their education and leadership skills. The Youth Forum provided an excellent way to deliver practical education opportunities to the students, who ranged from primary schoolers to tertiary level. GARMA also brings together more than 2500 political and business leaders from across the globe, providing an excellent opportunity to collaborate with like-minded partners and showcase the Department’s education and employment priorities to existing and potential stakeholders.

    THE OUTCOME: The Department embarked on an extensive exercise to bring expert Indigenous education and outreach staff to GARMA. Twenty-three personnel and the senior leadership team attended the festival, delivering practical educational activities to more than 400 young participants with resounding success.

    Cre8ive Solutions’ capability extends to: Reconciliation Action Plans; Indigenous Employment and Capability strategies; Indigenous recruitment, retention and mentoring programs; Indigenous Engagement strategies; Internal governance documentation; Cultural and policy audits; and Targeted program support and planning.

    Need expertise in strategic policy development? Please contact us for a confidential chat today.

  • CASE STUDY: Helping to Close The Gap through STEM
  • CASE STUDY: Helping to Close The Gap through STEM

    Cre8ive Solutions brings decades of experience working with government departments, corporations and non-government organisations to create strategic policy documents, and technical cultural guidance resources. The following case study highlights this capability.

    THE BRIEF: To develop and implement significant cultural change in a Government Department, bringing it into line with its broader APS’s responsibilities in Closing The Gap – particularly in Indigenous education and employment outcomes.

    THE APPROACH: A comprehensive project scope was undertaken to address the Department’s internal and external priorities. This included conducting extensive, organisation-wide consultation to determine the existing workforce’s cultural capability and to identify opportunities to align the project’s objectives with current initiatives.

    THE OUTCOME: An Indigenous Engagement Strategy that addressed the Department’s internal and external capability requirements was developed, aligning it with their Reconciliation Action Plan. Other aspects of this multifaceted project included implementing innovative Indigenous STEM education programs and employment activities, which were supported by internal and external strategic partners. Within 18 months, these initiatives increased the Department’s Indigenous workforce from single figures to two percent of its entire workforce. The project achieved sustainable Indigenous STEM education and employment programs and outcomes, including:

    – Enhanced organisation-wide cultural capability.

    – Increased participation and contribution to APS Close the Gap priorities, and

    – Numerous good news stories of positive education and employment outcomes, including Indigenous apprenticeships, cadetship and scholarship programs.

    When cultural review, reform or engagement is required, Cre8ive Solutions is able to furnish clients with ‘living documents’ that serve as a blueprint for constructive, ongoing engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


    dynamic, effective strategies

    Cre8ive Solutions’ team of writers and editors have researched and written a wide variety of inclusion documents designed to enhance our client’s engagement with Australia’s First People, including:

    –  Reconciliation Action Plans

    –  Indigenous Employment and Capability strategies

    –  Indigenous Engagement strategies

    –  Internal governance documentation

    –  Cultural and policy audits

    –  Targeted program support and planning

    As an Indigenous-owned and operated team, we deliver responsive strategies to government, corporate and NGO clients, providing them with a blueprint for effective and productive ongoing engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

    As well as creating effective inclusion documents, Cre8ive Solutions offers website design and development, graphic design, and printing and signage management services. Contact us today to learn more.


    capture your audience quickly – or lose them

    Videos and podcasts are part content marketing, part entertainment. They’re a cost-effective way to build your brand, grow a following, retain existing clients, and sell products or services.

    But, viewers and listeners are fickle: You have only a few seconds to engage them before they switch off – literally. Because a great first impression is critical, you need a professionally written script that captures your audience’s attention from the outset.

    Cre8ive Solutions’ scriptwriters have developed podcast scripts and treatments for business clients and government departments. We interview the subject matter expert/s, develop the storyline or ‘treatment’, and then produce a script that’s as entertaining as it is informative.

    Need help producing a script for a business or public audience? Contact us today to discuss your project.

    Cre8ive Solutions also offers a range of marketing and branding services, including, writing & editing, website development, graphic design, social media strategy, printing, and signage.

    Cre8ive Solutions acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work, live and dream.


    Here are some scripts we have written: